The rhythm of digital life

There was a time when pretty much everything in life was slow. Transportation was slow, communication was slow. As a result, everything had to be deliberate. At least more than it is today. I’m not saying it was better, but I do think that technology, with its speed, has destroyed, or at least profoundly altered, some aspects of our lives.

Communication is now more often than not “intention-less”. You chat with people mostly because you can, not because you really have a desire to share something with them. It’s just part of our lives. Same is true for information consumption. You scroll and consume digital content simply because it’s easy to access it. And it’s so bizarre.

The modern life has managed to greatly improve aspects of our lives and completely mess our life rhythm at the same time. And the more I spend time in front of this screen, the more I become aware that all this is not good.

At least, not for me.

Where do you go from here?

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