Thoughts on an unpolished note

Earlier today Rachel posted a note on her lovely personal site.

what i meant to say is that something about replacing words and thoughts or basically perpetually publicly editing personal thoughts and feelings doesn’t feel like what i want this space to be.

I dislike the concept of editing old content on personal sites. And the motivation is related to my love for simple, straight to the point, chronologically organised personal blogs. I believe a personal blog can and should be a representation of who you are at different points in time. We change, we grow and our thoughts and ideas grow and change with us. And it's important to have testament of that. If I change my mind on something and I go back end edit my post from 4 years ago, there's no way for you to see and be aware of that change. And that's a shame. Now, obviously some people don't want to have their past self to be available online and that's fine. It's understandable. I'm not claiming everyone should do what I say. I'm a nobody in this world and you should just do what you think is right for you.

one way i’ve tried to accomplish that here is by calling these posts “notes” versus something like “posts” or “essays” which to me feel more serious.

For a very similar reason, mine are not called posts, or notes, but thoughts. My thoughts are messy, unstructured, and ever evolving. And that's fine. And it's fine if my content has typos. It's fine if my English is not perfect. It's fine if I didn't express what I have in mind clearly at my first try. I'm not going to edit it. I'm gonna write a follow up post. Because that is what happens in real life when I talk with people. I don't stop and go back to edit what I said. That is not an option I have and I love that my site works the same way.