We've been drawn to stories since probably the beginning of time. Stories are inspiring. Stories are entertaining. Stories can make us feel like we're living a different life. Someone else's life.

Stories are an escape way. Escape to the repetitiveness and boringness of our lives. If you look around, stories are everywhere now. Social media, blogs, books, movies, tv-series, video games. We need those because let's be honest, the majority of us—including me—has a boring life.

We'd love to be different, to take risks, to live adventures. But we don't. Most of us has to grind through life, day after day, to earn a living. For the vast majority, that's life.

It's not adventurous, it's not thrilling. It's just reality. Now, you might be reading this and thinking "fuck you Manu, my life is not like that" and to that I say: good for you. I mean it. If your life is not boring I'm genuinely happy for you because that's great.

My friend Rob shared something on his Yo! podcast a few weeks back. It was the story of how he ended up doing what he does. And no, I'm not talking about butchering buttons in css. I'm talking working on one pagers and running One Page Love.

Now, It's not the most incredible life story you'll ever hear. But it's his story about his life. And that IS inspiring.

We often turn to TED talks or to some other crazy adventurous stories to get inspired but let's be honest: 99.9% of us won't drop everything we have going on to go on a solitary walk to the north pole.

Which is why we need more "regular" stories. Stories of people that just do their best to live a life worth living. So, if you can, consider sharing your story. Blog about it, vlog about it, start an Instagram or Twitter thread about it.

The format doesn't really matter. What matters is the message.