This site is no longer live.

One of the things I’m try to do these days, is wasting less time on social media, news and youtube, and spend more time reading instead. I’m obviously reading books but I’m also reading and following blogs. As you may know, internet is a big place and there are all sorts of interesting people doing interesting things. One thing I realized though, is that is not easy to discover those people which is why I decided to start collecting good blog and that’s how TTRO came about.

Been a while since I used a monospaced font

Tech Spec

Unsurprisingly, the site runs on Kirby like most of my projects. It’s essentially a big list so there’s nothing fancy going on under the hood. Design wise the site is also pretty simple since it uses only 1 font family (Calling Code) and 3 colors. Only interesting technical aspect is that there are both a classic RSS and a JSON Feed available. Other than that it’s a very simple site. Cool thing about a site this simple is the load time. TTRO is super fast and that’s great.

Yes there are other pages!


Hoenstly, I couldn’t care less about monetizing this project.

Moving forward

The goal is to help myself and other people discover good things to read. I don’t want the site to be nothing more than that. I’m currently not planning to add features, I want it to be just a list with links and a short description. One thing I’d love to add though are collaborators. The site is ready to accomodate other users who are willing to help me so if that person is you, please, get in touch.

Where do you go from here?

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