Unscalable businesses

I love the process of making websites. I hate the business of making websites. I love to help people when I can, but I can't spend the majority of my time volunteering otherwise I won't earn enough to sustain myself. And that's the sad reality of most business ideas. The vast majority are not scalable. I'd love to dedicate myself and my time helping people to go online with personal sites, detaching themselves from social media, rediscovering RSS feeds, and more healthy ways to have a digital presence, but regrettably I can't, because I'd never earn enough.

How many custom websites could I realistically build in a year? 15? 20? Let's say 20. There are around 250 working days in a year so it means I could spend around 12 days on each site which is not a lot if you want to design and code something from scratch. As for money, I should earn roughly 35 to 40k before taxes which means I should charge around 2k for each site. That is way too much if the goal is to help people go online. It's probably an order of magnitude too much.

Some people told me the solution is to work on a SASS product since that's a lot more scalable but I don't find that idea compelling because the result is not what I want. If you build your site using something like Squarespace you don't really own your site in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, it's better than nothing but it's not what I want. I think people should own their space, not rent it from a SASS.

My dream would be to crowdfund this but I know it's entirely unrealistic. Having to earn money sucks.

Where do you go from here?

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