Why I hate money

I hate money. I really do. Money is the primary reason why I can't spend more time doing awesome things. I know what you're thinking: No shit, I'd also love to spend more time doing awesome things and not worry about money. And you're right, who doesn't want to do that.

But I'm not talking about spending time doing something wildly different from what I'm doing now. I'm not talking about travelling the world or go skydiving. I'm talking about helping people. I absolute LOVE using the skills I developed in the past 8 years doing this job to help others. But I just can't spend time doing it because—you guessed it—money. More often than not, the people who need help can't pay for the work I do and that means I need to accept client projects that suck almost all my time.

Nothing makes me happier than helping strangers with their projects and their sites. I met some of my best friends online this way. They reached out and I decided to help them just because it makes me happy.

Was that an intelligent business decision? Absolutely not. From a business standpoint that's mostly wasted time. But I'm terrible at business. I'm terrible at assigning a value to my work. I really am.

I also suck at promoting myself or doing marketing. I tried to sell a few digital things I made during the years but always felt wrong in a way. I don't know why though. It just doesn't look right to me. I'm charging a few bucks for the code of this blog and even that doesn't look right to me. Frankly, I'd love to just give it away for free.

At the same time though, I don't like the free economy. I don't think it's sustainable. People need to understand that no one can do something for free forever. Money has to come from somewhere (unfortunately).