Winter is almost over

Another month is gone and finally March is here. Damn this has been a loooong winter.

A bad weather is not helpful when you’re dealing with a lot of other things in your life. I’m struggling to keep up with all the projects but I’m happy we, my friend Ale and myself, managed to push live his new site. At least I can cross that off the list.

I also have an idea for a project that I’m constantly pushing back because I want to start working on it but there are other things I know I need to do first but damn if it’s hard.

The work has also found a way to disrupt my routines again: my morning routine is all over the place at the moment but things are going to get better as soon as I close a few projects.

As for the books, I’m finishing another few of them. I’ll probably write about those in the next week update.

How’s your week?


Where do you go from here?

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