My year of living without

I remember reading about Leo’s year of living without and thinking “That seems like a lot of fun”. That was more that a few years ago. Now, the time has come for my year of living without, which will follow the same rules but I’ll add a twist.

As Leo did, I’ll give up one thing each month and see if that makes a difference in my life or not. I’m still not 100% sure about what those 12 things will be but I have a few items on my list already.

September : Videogames
My main “distractions” when it comes to media consumptions are youtube and video games. I’m by no means an addicted to either of the two but it will be nice to see what happens when you don’t have a game to play in your spare time.

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October : Coffee
I drink more than a few coffees per day. It’s just a routine and I’m not sure if I really need it (or if I enjoy it to be honest with you). So it’s gonna be interesting to see if a month without coffee feels any different.

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November : Entertainment
I’ll give up any form of entertainment, so no youtube videos, books, podcasts, audiobooks, films, tv series, you name it.

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December : WiFi
This is an experiment I though about doing more than once. I’ll try to do a month without WiFi. I have an iPad and an iPhone and I can use both as an hotspot but I’m capped at around 15GB of traffic per month so I’ll need to be mindful of my internet usage.

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January : Computer in the morning
I’m gonna give up using my mac from the moment I wake up till after lunch. That means I’ll spend my mornings doing something else.

February : Music and Podcasts
I have Spotify open most of the time and if I’m not listening to music for sure there’s a new podcast episode to listen to. I’ll give up both of those things in February.

March : Sugar
I’m definitely not a sugar addict but I’m sure I can cut those sweets I eat every now and then.

April : The Internet (kind of)
Ok I can’t really give up the internet entirely since I’m a freelance web developer and I need the internet to work. But, what I’m gonna do is give up the internet that’s not work related. Social, blogs, news and everything else.

May : Drinks that are not water
Only allowed to drink water for the entire month. No coffee, no tea, no juice or any other kind of drink. An entire month of just water.

June : Pleasure Foods
I’ll try to only eat regular meals for the entire month and never eat any of those things we eat just for pleasure (sweets, chips, ice-cream, you get the idea)

As for the last few months I’m still not sure what else I can give up. If you have ideas let me know. In addition to all this I’ll also give up 2 things for the whole year. Those 2 things are buying new things (unless strictly necessary) and start new side projects.

The second one is pretty straightforward and, as I wrote already, I already have way too many side projects going in my life.

As for the first one, the rules are simple: I’m only allowed to buy things that are necessary. For example, I need to buy a new pair of basketball shoes because my current ones are completely destroyed and if I keep playing with those I’ll end up hurting myself. This is gonna be fun and I’ll let you know how it goes.