Can you write about your desktop, the dock and how to declutter your workspace?

I sure can. This is going to be way less inspiring that my other setups though. That's because my desk setup is not very inspiring or original.

The physical desk

My physical workspace looks something like this: an early 2015 MacBook Pro, a 4k Space Monitor from Samsung, a Magic Mouse Gen. 1, Ikea lamp, paper & pen and something to drink. That's how I roll 95% of the time.

The virtual one

As for my virtual desktop, it's usually just an empty screen with a picture I like. For months I rocked a dynamic wallpaper by 21wallpaper but now I'm back using an old Firewatch wallpaper (this one). I use the desktop as a temporary folder. I only move there files I need NOW and then I delete them. I don't like to keep things hanging around on my desktop. I'm also not using the new stack thingy available in the latest version of macOS. Not a fan. Plus there's plenty of space on a 4k monitor...

I don't use the Mac's dock. I navigate my OS using a combination of Alfred and cmd + tab to switch between programs. I also have four virtual desktops on my mac and two on my external monitor. Why? No idea. I got used to work that way and now I keep using this setup. Don't have any special or fancy app. Majority of my time is spent working in the browser and on my text editor and that's what I have open almost all the time. And that's honestly it for my desktop. As I said at the beginning, it's a pretty uninspiring setup.

As for how I keep my mac organised, I have the smallest SSD possible—128gb—and every time I'm done with something I move it on an external drive. The small SSD forces me to do that. I don't keep on my machine anything that's not necessary or relevant. I don't have music or movies or photos on my machine. Everything it's either streamed or stored in the cloud.

Where do you go from here?

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