Writing, Hiking and Sharing

For the past few years I wrote on this blog about pretty much everything. This site is not focused on anything specific and it's more like a chronologically organized collection of thoughts than a "proper blog". And despite that, people seem to come back to this site for my thoughts and experiment around the topic of digital minimalism.

Now, I didn't even know this was a thing before a few months ago. But apparently it is definitely a thing and it makes me feel a bit better to know that I'm not the only crazy person out there who's struggling to keep up with this digital world we live in.

And that pushed me to start this new experiment of mine called "From the Summit". This is going to be a hopefully monthly newsletter written and delivered from the top of a mountain. That means that at least once a month I'll leave home, hike a mountain, reach the very top, make coffee or tea, sit on a rock, write the newsletter and then I'll hit send.

You see that peak between the trees?

The newsletters will be focused on the interaction about the digital world and our lives and are probably going to be a complete chaos full of typos as usual. I'll also try to attach a very nice picture each time. Sometimes the sunset is gorgeous up there.

If you want to follow the journey just click this link. And even if you don't, I wish you a wonderful day and as always thanks for stopping by.

Where do you go from here?

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