Year in review, 2017 edition

There’s only a few days left before the end of the year an this seems the right time to look back at 2017. I labeled 2017 as the year of declutter. This was not something I decided to do back in January but I found myself focusing on getting rid of a ton of things both physically and digitally. And I was happy to have my friend Rob as a partner in crime in this endeavor. Half way through this almost became a game and was quite fun to go through my stuff and see what I could throw away.

On the physical side of things there weren’t that many things I could get rid of since my life is already quite minimal and I don’t own that much stuff. Biggest thing I gave away was my old PC and some other tech related stuff.

On the digital side things were much more interesting. I closed a ton of accounts, cancelled a bunch of subscriptions and got rid of a ton of domains. I’m very happy with that especially because right now my yearly fixed expenses (and I’m talking about everything web and work related) are below 1000€ while before were more than 3000.

In the last few months I also decided to close or give away almost all my side projects. I realized I was spreading too thin and found myself way too distracted most of the time. And that’s something I want to fix.

I finally passed everything related to the Visual Journal to my friend Ale since that’s his blog, I’m in the process of giving away my space Tumblr blog and I’m shutting down everything else except The Gallery. Is Invisible is the only project I still don’t know what to do with. I’ll come up with something next year.

The declutter will continue in 2018 but I decided that 2018 is gonna be the year of getting my focus back. And in order to achieve that I already suspended the only social account I was using (Instagram and Twitter) which is a great first step. I also stopped reading news and I’m slowly cutting down on every form of distraction.

And lastly but not least, I’m meditating more often and more consistently which is great. So there, that was my 2017. Not a particularly exciting year but a useful one nonetheless.

Where do you go from here?

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